Dating Tips

date We all need a few tips when it comes to dating. Some people have some ideas other different ideas and it’s probably impossible to say who is right and rang. Why? Because whatever you like a lot of people out there may not like. In this section we present a few “tips” that a lot of people agree with.       *Don’t surprise your date with a hatchet movie, meal, etc. on the first date. They may be allergic to horror films – and you don’t want to ‘surprise’ a vegetarian with a dinner at “Harvey’s House of Beef.” With a ‘surprise’ date you could end up with a teetottler at a wine-tasting, or a lactose-intolerant date at a cheese fest – you get the picture…   * Be on time. Lateness is inconsiderate (not to mention it reveals all sorts of things about your personality such as your passive-aggressive tendencies). If your date is late, be pleasant, and listen to their reason – it might be legitimate   * Keep checking the inside (give the exterior stuff a rest). If you stay focused on looks you may end up ignoring or dumping a perfectly fantastic person without ever really giving them a chance.   * Be honest, don’t play games. Avoid even stretching the truth, the first time you’re caught it will destroy your credibility.   * If you’re concerned about topics of conversation, be sure to read a newspaper or watch a news program that day so you’re up on world events.   * Be open — to your date’s ideas about what to do on the date and express yourself honestly (AND tactfully).   * Stay away from someone who only talks about money and ‘things’ or who boasts – usually signs of deep-seated insecurity.   * Don’t talk about marriage and kids and long-term plans for the two of you on your first dates.   * Keep topics light and keep away from controversial issues on the first date. Also, refrain from using off-color language or jokes, or making sexual references.

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