First Crush

*pic by Tosha*
He’s a sweet guy
He just happened to pass by
He came from wonderland
To cast a spell on me
And be my man
He touched so softly
Melted me deep inside
He gave a new meaning to my life
The way he looks at me
In the dimmest light
I can see the spark in his eyes
He’s a chatterbox
But goes dumb
And makes me go numb
I fell for him the moment I saw him
Before that he was in my dreams
What he has for me
Is yet to be known
I love him so much
He loves me double for sure
He says ‘ you are mine’
He’s my lover divine
I can kiss him night and day
And wish it never showed on my face
Wish his lips left no trace
The size of his arms
Sure is a good embrace
I’m yet to hug him
Yet to feel his strength
He makes me feel to climb a tree
And I could jump is he says
Sitting here I feel silly
It all happened in a shot
It’s real hard to believe
There is still a lot to be shard
Sit n talk looking into each other’s eyes


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