In my heart to you I belong

If I don’t deserve you
Then whom do I deserve
If you are not mine
Then to whom do I belong?
Am I too good to have u with me?

Or I have the fate to detest
Is it the boundless love in me?
Or a horizon you wish to draw for me
Am I to cry every night for you?
Do you care to make me smile?
Why are we hooked together?
Is it the bond between us?
Or my innocence you cant let go
Do we have a relation to live for?
Or mercy and duty to drag
Can I have you forever?
Or love is absent in my life
Do I have to carry this heavy heart all my life?
Do I have you to share?
Is my voice reaching you?
Or I’m shouting to the air
Can we have long days of peace?
Or this nervousness he all we have
Don’t you love me for a reason?
Reason that is inbound love
Or you love me for I love you
And in your heart you don’t care
What am I to understand?
What am I to say?
I’m tired and I’m torn
But still I don’t wish to be alone
Find me the one I deserve
Find me the one to love
Someone who doesn’t make me sad
Someone with me who feels glad
Who doesn’t feel I don’t deserve him
One whom I deserve
The one who’s made for me
In my eyes my love who can see
Who feels glad to become my destiny
In my heart I’m all yours
In my heart to you I belong


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