Wilderness Athlete is now offering The 28-Day Reboot. This system is formulated with the hunter who needs to shed a few pounds in mind. The system comes with some of Wilderness Athletes most popular nutritional products including Energy and Focus, Hydrate and Recover and Meal Replacement. It comes with a variety of supplements including a Multi-Vitamin, Omega-3 Fish Oil and Lean Life.

The program comes with a guide for daily workouts, a meal plan and a guide & tracker to help those trying to lose weight, get in shape, and stay on track.

The daily workout program comes with a uniquely designed program to help hunters quickly burn fat and build muscle. The program comes with a gym and home routine.

Bowhunters in the Midwest and out East often struggle getting in shape for an elk or sheep hunt. The 28-day Reboot will give them the guidance and nutrition they need to reach their goals in time for their hunt.
The 28-day Reboot comes with the following Wilderness Athlete Products:

Meal Replacement
Energy & Focus
Hydrate & Recover
Green Infusion
Lean Life
Omega-3 Fish Oil
To learn more about Wilderness Athlete nutritional products, visit www.wildernessathlete.com

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