Is it Possible to Get Back Together With an Ex Or Should I Just Give Up?

First of all… let me ask you a question… and this is a very important question… So be honest with yourself.

What are you doing now to get back together with your ex? If you are calling all the time, text messaging all the time… ringing your ex doorbell all the time…

Begging, pleading, and crying…

You need to stop it! Seriously. First of all, you are humiliating yourself. Secondly, you are pushing your ex futher away (which I will explain shortly). And 3rd of all, you are may be borderlining on harrassment which is unlawful and can be actionable…

So don’t do this anymore… it’s not cool… Yes, you are in emotional pain but you also need to get a grip and think it through.

Break ups happen every day. Every. Single. Day! And many couples that break up get back together again…

Let me repeat this… many couples who break up… get back together again!

You see, it is possible to get back together with an ex… it is within your realm…

So this is what you are going to do instead… take advantage of human nature and create attraction again.

And what do I mean by this? Simply using the phrase that the heart grows fonder over time.

Your Ultimate Secret Strategy to Get Back Together With Your Ex

So stay away from your ex. Don’t attempt to contact your ex and just take a break. This is absolutely critical if you ever want to get back together again.

So now you have calmed down and realize something… “Hey! I need a super-duper plan of action to get us back together again…”

That’s right little grasshopper… you need a plan. How to reconnect with your ex. How to handle stressful moments. What to say. How to get your ex to respond.

The main idea of a plan is to present yourself in the best light. You never want to come off as desperate or needy. ‘Cause my friend… those two words are “death” on attraction.

So how can I become more attractive? Get a brand new car? Buy sexy clothes? Nooooo…

You must be more confident. You must have a life. Do you have a hobby, friends or activity that keeps you busy?

Doing those things makes you more interesting… and hence more attractive to your ex.

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