Maine Pyar Kiya is 25: 5 Killer Dialogues

On Maine Pyar Kiya‘s 25th anniversary, here’s a recap of five dialogues that we still remember:

Dosti ka ek usool hai madam, no sorry no thank you – With these words, Prem and Suman were friends forever.

Udaas hona, yun akele me rona is injurious to health, sehat ke liye hanikarak hota hai – Don’t worry, be happy.

Dosti ki hai, nibhani toh padegi hi– What to do, it’s all about loving your friends.

Aaj kal darwaaze pe knock karke aane ka zamaana nahin raha. Aaj kal darwaaze ko lock karke rakhne ka zamaana bhi nahin raha – Oops. Moral of the story – bathroom doors are tricky.

Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahin hote – OKAY THEN. That’s Bollywood’s attitude towards love stories, in one pithy sentence.

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