Sapthapadi – Sanskrit

“Sakaa -Sapthapadha -bhava Sakaayov -Saptha padhaa –Bhaboova” By these seven steps you have taken with me, you have become my best friend. “Sakyam -the’ -Ghame’yam Sakyaath -the’ Maayosham -Sakyan me” I will never move out of this relationship. God has united us in this bondage. “Maayosta -Samayaava -Samayaava Sangalpaavahai –Sampriyov” We shall perform all activities together with love and affection. “Rosishnu -Sumanasyamanov Ishamoorjam – abhi –Savasaanov” Let us be friendly in our thoughts. Let us observe our duties and rituals together. “Managhumsi -Samvrathaas smu Chiththaani -Aakaram –Sathvamasi” If you are the lyrics, I am the music. If you are the music, I am the lyrics. “Amooham -Amoohamasmi saa -Thvam –dhyowraham” If I am the heavenly body, you are the earthly world. “Pruthivee thvam -Retho’ aham -retho’ Bhruthvam –Manohamasmi” While I am the life source, you are the carrier of the same. “vak thvam -Saamaa ham asmi -Rukthvam –Saamaam” I am the thoughts and you are the speech. “Anuvradhaa -bhava Pumse’ Pumse’ -Puthraaya- Veththavai” While you are the words, I am the meaning. “Sriyai -Puthraaya -Veththavai ehi -Soonrurute” With your sweet words, come with me to lead a prosperous life begetting our progeny with [male] children.”

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