Song of Love

Song of Love As I went walking through the woods one day I heard a birdie singing gay And in his song this is what I heard him say Lord, please send me someone to love Please send me a turtledove So to her I can sing my song of love Then up in the sky I heard The voice of a lady bird It was the prettiest sound I had ever heard She flew right down into his wings And together they began to sing Oh how they made the heavens ring They built a nest up in a tree Right down by the raging sea There they lived as happy as could be They would sit out under the stars above Just those two little turtledoves Together singing their song of love Now, I’m praying all the time For a girl so pretty and so kind To come along and say she’ll be mine So Lord, please send me a girl from above Just like you did for that turtledove Then to her I can sing my song of love

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