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મુક્તપંચિકા: 14/07/06

Gujarati Poems



જંગી જંગલ

કોંક્રીટના આ

શહેરમાં, સહસા

આજે નમણું

તરણું કોળ્યું!


ધગતે હૈયે

અતીત જાગે!

યાદો પીગળે આંખે,

આંસુ થઈને

ગાલે સરકે!


*** હરીશ દવે.


Gujarati Poems


Gujarati Friends! Gujarat is scaling new heights on the path of progress. The Gujarati language blogs are gaining widespread popularity in the US, the UK and other countries of the world.

The Gujarati literature is being enriched by novel ideas and experimentation. Here you will get a glimpse of such efforts.

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